Past Collections

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November 2021: Harvest's End

 The harvest season draws to a close and the holidays approach! Our final ode to fall  blends festive reds and greens with tigereye’s rich golden chatoyance, including a stunning  40mm oval cab wire-wrapped in an intricate tree of life motif. Sparkling crystals, earthy  gemstones, and bright rose gold findings complete this cozy palette.

October 2021: Taking Wing

 As temperatures cool, the autumn sky fills with the beating wings of migratory flocks.  This month’s collection includes a variety of feather and wing motifs and celebrates the many  autumnal colors of the semiprecious stone moukaite, whose varied earthtones range from reds  and creams to brown, gold, and mauve. Paired with these natural gemstones are sparkling  crystals, vibrant glass beads, and antique golden findings. 

September 2021: Ancient Icon


One of humanity’s oldest and most mysterious symbols, spirals appear in ancient cultures across the globe. They are believed to represent femininity, growth, the cycle of life, the journey of the sun across the sky, and the path of the soul. We’ve paired this enigmatic motif with carnelian and Dzi agate, gemstones that have been featured in jewelry for thousands of years. Rounding out this collection are earth-toned treasures, sparkling crystals, and a variety of copper findings.