May 2017: Caribbean Breeze Collection


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Our theme for May was Caribbean Breeze! Cool mint amazonite combines with rich red-orange agate, complemented by copper findings, fancy glass, and crystal. Seafoam and coral tones in modern shapes offer a chill, refreshing palette that’s heavy on the gemstones.

Collection includes:

  • 40x30mm Amazonite Pendant
  • 15” Strand 8mm Amazonite Round Beads
  • 20pc 8mm Crackled Agate Round Beads
  • 32pc 6x4mm Glass Rondelle Beads
  • 30pc 6mm Dyed Quartz Round Beads
  • 5pc 12mm Resin Rhinestone Beads, Aqua
  • 4pc 14mm Fancy Cut Glass Crystal Faceted Rectangle
  • 24pc 8x4mm Glass Rondelle Beads
  • 48pc 6x4mm Chinese Crystal Rondelle Beads
  • 5pc 10mm Chinese Crystal Marguerite AB Beads
  • 100pc 4.5mm Spacer Beads*
  • 20pc 8mm Bead Caps*
  • 3 sets 18x25mm Toggle Clasps*
  • 6pc 22mm Double-Sided Heart Cutout Charms*
  1. *Designates lead-free pewter alloy components with antique copper finish.
  2. Approximate total retail value for your May shipment: $55.00