January 2017: Roses Are Red Collection


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We started the year with a shipment of gemstones, crystals, and carved cinnabar beads based on the theme Roses are Red. You’ll find a full strand of 4mm garnet as well as other loose gemstones, crystal beads in fancy shapes, and a collection of quality carved cinnabar beads and matching pendant. This cinnabar is a synthetic, earth-friendly alternative to coral- each bead is created from layers of colored lacquer and individually carved. Their vivid color and intricate quality make them a romantic addition to any design!

Collection Includes:

  • 2 sets flower-accent toggle clasp*
  • 50pc 6mm bead caps*
  • 50pc 4mm brass stardust spacer beads, copper finished
  • 10pc 11x9mm flower drops*
  • 2pc 20x16mm textured floral round charms*
  • 40x57mm multi-loop focal component*
  • 5pc 8mm synthetic cinnabar hand-carved floral beads
  • 2pc 11mm synthetic cinnabar hand-carved flower beads
  • 4pc 10mm synthetic cinnabar hand-carved rose beads
  • 4pc 11mm premium lampwork glass swirl beads with silver foil
  • 26x30mm hand-carved synthetic cinnabar rose pendant
  • 32pc 6mm dyed red Malaysian jade beads
  • 10pc 10x8mm pink Chinese crystal rondelle beads
  • 15” strand 4mm garnet round beads
  • 32pc 6mm natural purple aventurine round beads
  • 4pc 12x9mm Chinese crystal oval beads, greige
  • 53x62mm ornate multi-loop focal component*
  • 18pc 6mm Chinese crystal coin beads

*Designates nickel-free pewter alloy components with copper finish. Approximate total retail value for your January shipment: $53.00

This is a one-time purchase of a single past shipment, not a subscription. Your collection will ship within about 3 business days.