What will I get in my Bargain Bead Box package each month?

Lots of goodies! We scour the world to bring the best bargains to your bead box. Exact items will change every month, but can include glass, gemstone, crystal, and/or metal beads as well as findings and pendants. You can expect about 10-15 full-size, designer-quality items worth at least $40.


Why a monthly subscription?

We understand some people don’t want to have to “sign up” to get great bead deals, and that’s fine. We’ve chosen to offer the Bargain Bead Box solely as a subscription because it allows us to tell the factories we work with the exact quantities of closeout beads we are looking for each month. The higher the quantity, the better the price. By utilizing the combined purchasing power of our subscribers, we’re able to get the best deal for everyone! And you can always cancel your subscription at any time.

If you want to shop factory-closeout bargain beads without subscribing, you’re always welcome to visit our sister store, Bead Box Bargains. (The Bargain Bead Box subscription contains many exclusive items not listed in the Bead Box Bargains store.)


Where is this subscription available?

We are currently only able to offer the Bargain Bead Box subscription in the USA and Canada. We are working on other international options and hope to include them soon!


Is this a Bead Box Bargains product?

Yes!  We just had to build a new website because our Bead Box Bargains webstore can’t support subscriptions. However, with this subscription, you will also receive exclusive items that are not available at Bead Box Bargains! You’ll also receive an exclusive Bead Box Bargains discount coupon in your Bargain Bead Box package each month.


The Bead Box Bargains Bargain Bead Box…that’s a mouthful.

Yes. Yes it is. But it means factory overstock beads for your bead box, so…worth the tongue-twisting? We think so.


Why doesn’t the Bargain Bead Box shipment come in a box?

Because boxes cost about $1.50  more to purchase and ship than bubble mailers do, and that’s $1.50 we’d rather spend getting you more factory closeout goodies! We opted for pretty, protective bubble mailers instead and we package your beads carefully for extra safekeeping.


How does billing work?

You will be billed exactly $15.95 when you sign up (purchasing the next available shipment). After that, your subscription will renew on the 20th of each month. Shipping is free to the USA, and there are no hidden costs! However, Tennessee residents will also have to pay sales tax. Canada residents will pay $7.50 shipping.


How do you calculate product value?

When we say we’re sending you at least $40 worth of beads, we are estimating their value based on retail prices of similar products at various bead stores, craft stores, and online bead shops. Exact retail values may vary based on your location, but we are extremely confident that we’re bringing you a fantastic value no matter where you are.


When will my beads arrive?

We do our utmost to ship all boxes by the 10th of each month. We ship via USPS First Class, which takes approximately 3 to 5 days for delivery in the USA, so you can expect your shipment around the 15th of each month.

Shipments to Canada may take a couple weeks to arrive.


Does my shipment come with tracking?

Yes it does! You will receive an email notification with tracking information on the day your shipment is sent.


What if I want to cancel?

We will miss you, but if you decide to go, you can cancel your subscription at any time through your Bargain Bead Box customer account. Simply click the “My Account” tab to access your account and change your subscription settings. Please note that you must cancel your subscription before the 5th of the month in order to avoid being charged for that month.


My box is missing an item!

Oh no! We do our utmost to keep this from happening, but if we should fail, we will make it right! Email support@bargainbeadbox.com and we will get your missing item on its way to you!


Do you offer returns?

Unfortunately, due to complications with payment processors and recurring billing, we do not offer returns or refunds. You can, however, cancel your subscription at any time. If you should ever be disappointed or encounter a problem with your bargain bead delivery, please let us know and we will work with you! You can contact us at any time via email: support@bargainbeadbox.com.